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How to use the INHOPE Hotline Development Guide

How to use the Guide

There are two main ways to use the guide:

  1. Read the guide subject by subject without using filters
  2. Customise the content based upon what you are looking for. This will require you to activate filters on the left hand side of the page.

To use the filters:

  • Choose a subject
  • Filter by hotline status and/or
  • Filter by role

At any stage, you can:

  1. Remove all filters to return to the full subject layout.
  2. Save or print the information you need.


How to access support

For help using the guide, and to find out more about hotlines and what you can do to build one in your country, contact the INHOPE Foundation: [email protected]

Other sources of information and support

To find out about other organisations that can provide guidance and support to build effective multi-stakeholder projects, visit the Hotline Development Support section of this guide.

Background to the Guide

In 2013, GSMA published the production of the first Guide to Setting Up an Internet Hotline. This was developed in the framework of the GSMA Mobile Alliance Against Child Sexual Abuse Content, in cooperation with INHOPE and with expert contributions from many organisations that operate or work with Internet Hotlines on a daily basis. Navigate here for information on contributors.

In 2015, in order to bring the guide to an even wider audience and provide a platform for new and expanded information regarding hotline development and hotline operations, INHOPE joined forced with UNICEF and GSMA to develop this online guide.

The guide aims to share the experience of the INHOPE Foundation supporting Internet hotline development around the world. Crucially, it also aims to reflect the collective expertise of the global INHOPE network of hotlines and partner organisations across the sectors.

We hope you find it useful!